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Where will you poop?!?!

See where you'll poop in these situations! Are you risky or not?

Made By: fnafgamer98


You're in the shower after eating a giant meal. Suddenly you feel the urge to poop. It wants to come out right now. What do you do?



You're at the movies with your bf/gf but you had to poop for a while. It's sliding out but you don't want to miss the movie and the lines are 2 miles long. What do you do?



You're playing video games on the couch when you have to poop. You have to Go right away but the bathroom door is locked. What do you do?



AH Yes, your sitting in your Nice warm bed all comfy when you really have to poop. You don't want to get up but your poop Is runny. What do you do?



You're at an exam and you cannot leave the room. You hAve had to poo for hours. What do you do?



You're at the store and you have to poop really bad! The lines for the bathroom are out of the door. What do you do?



Finally a day at the beach, what could possibly Go wrong? Uh oh the poo is coming. There are no bathrooms, what do you do?



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