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Are You Fat

This quiz tells you what level of fat you are, remember this is judged by how you appear in general such as you have a big belly.


How fat do you think you are answer honestly.



Sit down and bend over as far as you can how many rolls of fat do you have?



How much do you eat normally?



Stand up and pinch as much of your belly as possible. How much did you pinch?



(This is a scenario question think hard) You are invited on a date with your favorite person in your class or world in general. You eat everything she orders you not wanting to be rude until your belly is bloated and your pants button could pop off any second. Then she orders desert for the both of you ( and you can't believe she is still ordering and looks like she hasn't gained an ounce). What do you do?



Stand up and look down. What do you see?



What is your gender?



Would you ever be caught dead in a swimming suit?



Girls only, what is your cup size?



This is a scenario question think hard. Your in an eating competition for a 100,000 dollar grand prize. There are 10 competitors including you. The way it goes is a tube is inserted into your mouth and food is forced down your throat. When you want to quit you hold up one finger. Each shove last for 15sec and pauses for 10sec. How long do you hold out?



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