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Do you know Mahabharat characters well?

H guys! My name is PrincessD and it is a great honour having you guys take my quiz. Actually, this quiz is based on the serial 'Mahabharat' which aired on star plus and unfortunately ended on 16th August . Please take my quiz to test your knowledge of the Mahabharat actors. Whole-hearted apologies if this quiz stinks but I've tried my best to make it fun. Hope you enjoy and thanks in advance:)


Hi! My name is PrincessD as I am a die-hard Mahabharat fan. I have made a quiz on gotoquiz.com too. Ok. Do you think you will be able to score full in this test? Well, if you think you do, then who did this guy (above) play the role of?



What about this guy? I bet you know him!



What about this hero?



Who is this famous actor with innocent looks?



What about this person? Who's this? BTW iske goggles acche hai na?



Who is this beautiful lady?



What about this pretty woman?



Guys if you like my quiz pleeeease rate it. Aapko lambi umar milegi.... Please comment about this quiz because I don't have my own e-mail id coz my parents think it can distract me from my studies and that I am too young for it... Never mind. Who is this man? Hint: he is there in Bigg Boss season 8 also



Who's this lady????? C'mon yaar. Mujhe pata hai ki aap answer jaante hai...



Thank you so much guys for taking my quiz. I really need your encouragement to make more quizzes in future.... By the way, who's this man in black?



What about this? Who's he?



Please go to gotoquiz.com and check a quiz named 'Which Mahabharat Character are you?' I only made this quiz...Well, now tell me who's this? Pehchan Paoge???? Bolo Bolo...



Which role did this pretty lady play?



Who's this lady? Hint: she's there on 'Dare 2 Dance'.. gulabi kurti jo iski dekhi... :p



Whozzat guy? Ab agar aapne bola ki aapko yeh nahi malum, main aapko ek zor ka punch karungi!



Who is this now? This can be a tough for you guys...



Who's this one? Yeh bhi nahi pata kya? Kya baat kar rahe ho?



Who is this? Yaad bhi hain ki Mahabharat ke khatm hone ke baad sab kuch bhool gaye????


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