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The Minecraft PvP Test

Do you think you have what it takes to PvP in minecraft? Well, you always win/lose, but sometimes it flips. Get the final answer on how good you are at murderizing other players


You're going into PvP for the first time on a server. The opponents are regular players, but only have Prot. 3 Iron, and a regular diamond sword. What do you bing?



Your enchanting, and have the Enchanting + Mod, and 30 levels. What are the optimal enchants for your sword?



Your bringing food to a raid on your enemy's base. From your large arsenal of foods, what do you choose?



There are many people on the server your on. Out of the 5 that you ask to be your ally, who do you pick?



Your internet speed matters. Although Minecraft only requires a 125 kbps connection to play smoothly, you can play on less. What is your choice?



Your base is a major part of your operations. What's it made out of, and what's it got on the inside?



You're fighting with an opponent faction, and have grown so much everyone else on the server is scared of you two. What are the tools you use that "Get the job done"?



You SOMEHOW just won the 500k lotto. GG. You now have the opportunity to donate to the server. Which rank do you get?



How do you play?



Your faction is in ruins, and all your followers are scrambled throughout the wreckage of your glorious fort cause someone invited a noob who gave away your coords. Your actions?



After starting fresh, one of the people in your faction find the rarest thing on the server. An admin block. A special plugin that makes ONE per server. If you mine it, your entire faction gets creative. BUT it can also be used to unban up to 10 people of your choice. What do you do?



What McMMO skill should be the highest?



You are DDoSed and your base, wrecked. The payback for the hackers? (you still have creative mode...)


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