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Do you need to pee?

This test puts you through different challenges and scenarios and your job is to keep yourself from wetting. How long will you survive? Only one way to find out :D


How bad do you have to pee right now



First challenge. Sit down anywhere that is comfortable. Spread out your legs and relax every muscle of your body (including your bladder). Make sure you are breathing heavily. Wait 30 seconds. What happened?



Now, drink a few cups of water, and start jumping jacks. Do about 30. What happened?



Lock yourself in the rest room, take off all your cloths except your underwear and sit on the toilet. relax your body (including your bladder) for 45 seconds.



How are you holding up? You are half way through. (this answer doesn't affect your score)



Stay in the bathroom and press your bladder against a counter or anything protruding from the wall. Hold it there and release all pressure in your body (including bladder). Stay like this for 1 minute.



Again in the same bathroom, turn on any source of ruining water, sit on the toilet in only your underwear, and relax. Think about how good it will feel to release this pain in your bladder for 1 minute.



How are you feeling? We only have one more :D. Rate how wet you are, 1 being dry, and 9 being completely soaked



With the water still running, do the 'bladder against a counter' thing again. Remember, relax your body and take deep breaths. This time, stay there for 1 minute and a half.



Same scale as before...


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