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are you a film addict

alot of people out there without even knowing it are so addicted to watching movies that they can stay all through the night watching a movie and spend the rest of the day thinking of nothing else but when they would finally sit in front of the tv or laptop and continue from where they stopped. This test helps you know if your a film addict


how many hours do you spend watching a movie everyday



do you think of nothing else other than when you will sit in front of your tv and watch that film



can you go hungry just to save enough money to buy that film



can you watch a movie on the eve of a very important exam



do you spend your time on the internet chec
king out the lastest movie



can you watch a particular movie over and over again



do your friends tease you about how totally into movies you are



do you spend more time in front of your tv screen than you do in the company of others



when watching film do you forget about the existence of everything else(do you concentrate100%)



do you want to be an actress/actor



how honest where you in answering the questions



do you personally think you are addicted(what does your instinct tell you)



can you stay a week without putting on your TV and watching a movie


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