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Your custom creepypasta story!MaybeParts

Your custom creepypasta story!
Go through an adventure with the creepypastas.
(This might be in parts.)


Your driving your car with your friend Mason. Your going food shopping with him. Just as you turn you hear Mason scream "DUDE!-" just then a huge car crashes into you. After an hour or so, you wake up in the broken, flipped over car, Mason is killed. What do you do?



(Pretend you picked crawl out, or get out)
You crawl out, and make it alive. You run over to your house. And sleep. XD but then you hear a voice "go to sleep" you know what a creepypasta is, and you know who that is. You open your eyes and scream and he lunges toward you. You fight, "your the best fighter ever, god. Fine. You may live. But come with me." What do u do?



(Pretend you chose to come with him)
You go with him, but he stops. "Wait, you can't see where the hideout is." Then he blindfolds you, when he un-blindfolds you, your in a underground house with bloody pictures, and more on the walls.
"You're becoming a creepypasta."



Jeff then calls a meeting. "Everyone this is a new creepypasta,- um
What's your name? (Pick the best one you really want.)
(Doesn't affect)



You: "(your name)" Jeff: Yep. "(Your name)".
Slenderman: say, what's your weapon of choice?



Jeff: hmm. There's a cabin a few miles away. Lucky day, who's your partner?



You go with your partner, you see your victim..they let you get this kill...He said you must do it gruesome.



You go back. your partner: you were awesome!
Just then the door swings open..



What do you thinks there?



Did you enjoy this?


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