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Would you like me? (Boys only plz)

Hello! :3 Hope you like this test, I hope you like me! :3


I have light brown hair, and I plan to dye it some crazy color soon. (like purple or blue) Do you think thats cool or not? (Be honest :3)



I am kinda quiet, but crazy once you get to know me. Do I sound neat to you?



What kind of girls are you looking for?



Do you like anime and/or Manga?



Fave soda?



How do you feel about gaming?



Let's play pretend. We are married, and you are at work. You come home late, and see me on the couch, and I just ate all of your favorite cookies that you wanted to eat when you came home. Your reaction is...



We are still playing pretend. Let's say we decide to go out to eat. Where is your first choice to go?



I am a christian. Thoughts?



I am 5'6, I am 13 (a girl :P) Brown hair, brown eyes, gamer, watches a lot of youtube, and loves anime. Do you like me?


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