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Am I a Good Violinist?

This is a quiz to test how good of a violinist you are. I play violin and I made this in my free time for fun. Enjoy!


Hi there!



How much/how often do you practice?



Do you practice scales for at least an hour a day?



Which of these pieces BEST describes your current playing ability? The piece you're currently working on probably isn't on this list, but which of these is the CLOSEST to your level?



Do you know who Joshua Bell is?



How long have you been playing? (This doesn't affect your score very much, since I know plenty of people who have been playing almost their entire lives and aren't very good, and others who just recently started and are already awesome.)



Do you take lessons from a private teacher?



Do you play in orchestra(s)?



Can you clap your hands to music without getting off-beat?



Lastly, what are your plans for the future, regarding violin? This doesn't effect your score much, I'm just curious.


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