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What rank would you be In the Clone Army

What rank would you be in the Grand Republic army ( another Cam from Aus production ) 0-10% is. Omega 11-25% is Tango 26-50% is foxtrot 51-70% is echo
squad 71-80 is Charlie squad 81-90% is delta 91-95% is bravo and 96-100% is alpha squad


If you were at numbered 3 to 1 against the droid and you are the captain what do you do?



If you saw Jedi kill a few men for no reason what would you do



You and 2 other squadrons were sent to take out a capital separatist ship, what tactics do you use



How would you describe yourself on the battlefield ( doesnt count in the score)



If a Jedi told you to do something you didn't want to do would you obey him/her?



What's your weapon of choice ( wont affect score )



Do you admire power



Do you admire peace



Do you admire courage



Do you admire patience



Have you ever done my other tests (How strict are your parents, What type of criminal are you and would you rather number 3) WON'T AFFECT SCORE


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