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Will you become a famous YouTuber?!

This is testing the probability of you becoming a famous YouTuber!


There is a bad comment on your channel and you have 500k subs, what do you do about it?



As a YouTuber, what are your goals?



You have 20k subs and have a pretty popular server and someone says...
r u rec, r u rec, r u rec, over and over. What do you do?



Are you 15-18+ ?



What are you going to film as a famous YouTuber?



Someone has made fun of you with a not that popular video, what do you do?



Say you are a famous YouTuber, and tons of fans are requesting you play so and so. But other fans, not that many, are requesting you play other so and so. You think the so and so game with fewer votes is what you would rather play though. What do you do?



True or False: As a famous YouTuber, ignore your fans requests because you know that what you want to do matters the most.



True or False: Because you are a soon to be famous YouTuber, you know you will live your life off it. So you can quit school because you already have a your job.



True or False: Just because you haven't gotten any subs for weeks, you should still keep going!


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