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The Markiplier Test! :3

This test is to show you how much you know markiplierGAME from YouTube. See if your truly a markiplite! :3


What year did markiplier first start his YouTube channel?



What game did have markiplier's older brother Thomas featured in?



What are the names of Mark's closest friends?



Do you think Mark is funny, awesome, and crazy?



In 2013, Mark did a collaberation with a group from South Carolina. What was the name of this group?



During Comic-Con 2013, Mark did a game review for the game Rouge Legacy with HotPepperGaming. Before the game review started, Mark ate a pepper. What was the name of this pepper?



Mark tells us in a Let's Play video that he played a game during his freshman year of collage. What was the name of the game?



In a "Draw my Life" video, Mark tells us he was born on a military base. What state was this military base located in?



Mark has known Bob since he was in High School. But how long has he known Wade?



Now since you came to the end to this quiz, will you go to YouTube and subscribe and support Markiplier and become a Markiplite?


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