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Does she like you?

This test is for guys only. By taking this test, you will be able to see if she likes you.


Does she ever look at you?



Does she seem to talk louder when with her friends and your around?



Does she ever seem shy when around you or is she just shy in general?



Is she in any of your classes? (Some classes can have more of an affect on liking someone depending on if its more of a "free" class such as band or PE.)



Girls tend to talk to their friends about their crushes. Even my friends will nod or wink at me when "he's" around. Do you ever hear or notice the sudden silence as you walk by or even the stares at the special someone?



If you ever speak to her what do you feel? (A personal question)



Has she ever touched you?



Does it ever seem as though she is around you because she wants to be in your presence?



Usually people are good at telling if someone likes them. Do you think she might like you?



Last question. Have you ever caught her looking at you and then look away, trying to hide a smile? Have you seen her blush? Sometimes girl's eyes will sparkle when they look at you try to notice. Also, their pupils (the black circles in their eyes) might dilate (get bigger.


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