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Would you win a fight at school?

Find out if you could win a fight between someone at school!


If someone you WERE friends with was sitting at a table with you in science class and you were with your 3 friends there, (assigned seats) and they started swearing at you, what would you do?



If the person that was being rude to you stood up and started yelling back at you, what would you do? (by the way the class is cheering for you guys to fight)



If your friend was holding you back while your other friend was holding the mean person back, what would you do?



If both of the friends let go of you, and the person pushed you, what would you do?



You guys are rolling around on the floor....(now your the teacher) if you were the teacher, what would you do?



The person just smacked you when you were rolling around with them, now what?



The principle comes and breaks the fight up, the class has settled down, what do you do?



You both have a bloody nose, but you have a tissue, you wipe your blood, and the mean person attacks you off your chair in the office, now what?



the fight is broken up, now what?



you find out that you and the mean person have got suspened for 5 days, (a whole week)what do you do?



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