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denotes an age-restricted test.

Am I Fat - info i am 130 pounds 10 year old 4ft 11in
The Point Test - this is the point test! earn points for fun!
Will you survive the desert? - Will you do well in the desert? Will you die in a few days or be a months-veteran? Find out!
The curse is on you,click to undo or not - The curse is now applied to your soul as you're reading this. Click this quiz to find out details about the curse and how can you possibly undo it!
How fat am I for a 12yr old male - I am a 12y/o male who honestly wants to know
The Random Test - This is the randomness test HAHAHAHAHA
CHEESE! - Can you do this? Check it out!
Tickle me - C'est un test pour savoir si vous aimez les chatouille

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