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denotes an age-restricted test.

The curse is on you,click to undo or not - The curse is now applied to your soul as you're reading this. Click this quiz to find out details about the curse and how can you possibly undo it!
CHEESE! - Can you do this? Check it out!
The Random Test - This is the randomness test HAHAHAHAHA
The Point Test - this is the point test! earn points for fun!
Am I Fat - info i am 130 pounds 10 year old 4ft 11in
Will you survive the desert? - Will you do well in the desert? Will you die in a few days or be a months-veteran? Find out!
whatt - jajajajajajajaajnjsdksa
Do u need to pee - Do you need to pee?
When, where, why would you wet yourself? - This test will ask you questions about what you would do in a variety of different situations as well as what you've experienced.
Would i date you? Boys ONLY - Boys only please:) and only age 12 to 15 plz (must live in america)
Are you a bedwetter - Do you wet the bed?
messy pee test! (girls) - will u make it thru the test????
have you ever peed in... - you can not lie!
embarassing sanerios! (includes pee) - what will u do in trying situations ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mindcraft - Do you think you know minecraft? Find out if you have a MINDcraft

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