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denotes an age-restricted test.

How Well Do You Know Nicki Minaj - Go Barbie go find out how you know Nicki 0% or 100%
Punishments for Distractions - How should I be punished for giving into distractions and not in control?
Are you a fat kid - This is to see how fat of a 10-18 Year old you are
Do you like fat? - Do you like fat (8-16 years old)?
Potty Training Vs. Bedwetting - A quiz once available on the Goodnites & PullUps websites.
Which mlbb role is your main? - Pick based on your temperement.
Did I Get Fatter - An Update From My Last Test.
What span king do I deserve? - What punishing do you say this naughty boy deserves
Am I getting fat? (with pictures) - The holiday season is drawing to a close, and I feel like I may have put on a few pounds.
How strict are your parents? - This will tell you how strict your parents really are.
Am i hairy(for 13) - I want to know if I’m hairy for my age
Sniper fury - My test is all about the sniper and how cool it is
PUNISHMENT DECIDER - deciding your punishment
Diaper roleplay - you are put in diapers
Would you survive if you were kidnaped - My test is all about survival can you take it

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