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denotes an age-restricted test.

Am I fat? - I think I am pretty skinny, but I just wanna see
Am I fat? - Just wanting to know if you think I am fat or not, I'm not planning to lose weight so be as truthful as you want.
Watch me get fat - Yeah....I got pretty fat
Is my friend fat? - Yk the drill, I tell you stuff and you tell me if she's fat.
POV I am your daughter - Go wild with my punishments 😉
I can make you pee (girls only) - The title says it all to be honest
Stuff About Me! - Title says it all
Did I take weight? By a gainer - I'm 14 years old and I would like to know if I take weight
Can you hold your pee? - This test will tell you whether you are able to hold your pee.
Peeing test (if you are in bed) by me - The title says it all to be honest
Do you need to go potty? (for kids only) - Are you a kid and need to go potty? This test will tell you how bad you need to go
Tickle Test - Let's see if you can survive these tickle scenarios
Do you need protective underwea? (By me) - it won't let me put another word idk why :(
Do you like fat - Do you like fat
Am I fat? (Belly pics) - I've been trying to gain weight and I want to see if it's making me fatter! :D

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