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denotes an age-restricted test.

Minecraft food quiz - This is a minecraft food quiz !!!
Would you date me (boys only) x - Answer these questions to see if i would date you x
Dantdm fan quiz - This is a really cool test that I love
Kirby - How much do you know about Kirby? Take this relatively easy test and find out!
r as random as me???//??/? - Ross HOUSE_OWNER
Do you know Taylor Swift? - How well do you know Taylor Swift? Do you know the type of music she sings her best selling Album and more!
Are you 20% Cooler? - Are you as cool as Rainbow Dash? This is a test for Bronies and Pegasisters to enjoy. Mabey you are 10% cookie, or you could be 20% cooler! Take the test to find out.
Minecraft Quiz - remember dantdm has PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS
Will you survive zombies? - Can you survive a zombie nationwide attack? This will help you learn if you need to brush up on surviving
Are You A Boss At Minecraft? - just a test to test ur skills at minecraft
ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 4 YEAR OLD - a test to test if you are smarter than a 4 year old
The Zombie Survival Guide Part 3 - This is Part 3 of The Zombie Survival Guide Series Test. Can you survive the apocalypse?
R U a Rapper - This test will determine if you're a rapper or just a crazy guy.
How well do you know Minecraft. - Welcome To My Quiz

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