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denotes an age-restricted test.

what monster high doll are you - take this test to see what monster high girl you are!
Psychology Test Chapters 4 and 5 - I made this test to help me study for my intro to psych test
Am i fat?????? - Arbyou anorexic, skinny, slim, chubby, fat or obese? FIND OUT NOWWWWWW I DARE YOU
ARE YOU a Mermaid? - Good luck! The test is very fun
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? - This test will see how long you can survive
What is your position in a nerf war - This is for nerfers
are you cute or not - my test is awesome
How well do you know Buddhism? - This is a test for your Buddhism knowledge- see how clever you are at it!
would you survive a alien invasion - survive alien invasion will you?
Would you survive MY horror story?... - You are thrown into the action of a horror film! Would you survive?
Sith/Jedi - See if you are a jedi or a sith
Are you random? - How random are you? To find out, just do this simple quiz!
Are You Beautiful? - Find out if you are beautiful!
Would I date you? BOYS ONLY - I just made another one of these. They are fun and I like to see if guys have the same interests as I do. Hope you enjoy.
Do you like her? - See if you have a crush.

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