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Are you really best friends? - We all have those certain friends that we aren't too sure about... Find out whether you BFF is really your BFF!
Want to be my Pen Pal - Want to be my pen pal
What WWE Diva Are You Like? - What WWE Diva are you like?
how cool r u on animal jam - how cool u look how cool u act and how funny u r and laid back
Sorting Hat - What Hogwarts house are you in?
r u being bullied? - i was bullied before(for three years!) and it is terrible. this is for if u r wondering if ur bullied
Are you an ab/tbdl - Are you ab/tb/dl
Minecraft awsome test - Thanks for doing this test. :)
How well to you know Daily Bumps 2016 - Test on daily bumps
do u need a diaper ... - good test for diapers pls awnser honestly
{SR} Soul Reavers - Do you possess the strength to join our ranks?
inuyasha - A test made by a very smart inuyasha fan, if you think you can beet my test then take it. I DARE YOU TO.
wut sport shood u try - what sport shood u play
Stampylongnose quiz - A quiz about the youtuber Stampylongnose or Stampylonghead
How Well Do You Know Lord of the Rings - How well do you know Lord of the Rings? Expert or noobie?

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