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denotes an age-restricted test.

He likes you - this is a quiz that will help you determine whether or not your crush likes you.
All things BANANA!! - Are you a banana friend or foe?
Are we meant to be? (Girls Only) - Are we meant for each other?
Do you love Gaara? find out now - do you love gaara find out now
how well do you know Leafpool? - How well do you know the medicane cat Leafpool?
Would you survive a school lockdown - DO THE TEST ALREADY
are you the girl for me - if i would date u or not
Are you funny? - I am funny, are you?
Do you know Pewdiepie? - See how much you know Pewdiepie
how nerdy are you - this is a test to see how nerdy you are
Do you know my ROBLOX acc? - Well, the test name
Nhler - Do you have what it takes to play in the nhl?
Pee your pants! - Can you hide peeing your pants?
Know your Kirby! - If you wish to test your knowledge of Kirby and the likes, proceed further.

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