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denotes an age-restricted test.

Are you pretty?? - Do not worry this is not one of those tests that's say everyone is pretty just the way you are it's reall beauty.
WWE Trivia - Man come on your good
Are you savage - Find out if YOU could go crazy any time soon
how awesome are you - find out how awesome you are with this awesome test!
how pregnant are you - find out how pregnant you are
How Weird r u? - It is a test 2 see how weird u r :/
survive the dragon apocalps - are you dragon fighter or just dragon meal?
Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Quiz! - Test you knowledge of the ultamite anime Fullmetal alchemist!
How good are you at minecraft? - Are you good at minecraft.......
Do You Need The Toilet? - This test will see if you will mess or wet yourself
Giver or Receiver? - This is a test to see if you should be the giver or receiver of a wedgie. Please be as honest as possible to get the best results.
would we be a good match? - This is for girls only
The Markiplier Test! :3 - This test is for all of the Markiplites out there! Markiplites Unite! :3
What's your warriors cats name quiz - This test will show you your warriors name, clan, and appearence
professional zombie quiz - how well will u survive in an apocolipse

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