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denotes an age-restricted test.

How big of a fan are you to DenisDaily? - It's a test... about DenisDaily.
do u love ur crush alot? (girls only) - hey girly's so u want to test how much u love ur crush? well click here now! hurry up he may be waiting for u wanting you to take this! clock's ticking girly!
Rowdy Rednecks - Are you trailer trash? *Yuk yuk* Come on down and try this here test!
how well do you know iballasticsquid - How well do you know Iballasticsquid
Black Ops Zombie Quiz - Take a quiz to see how much you know about Call of Duty Black ops
r u $exy? - this test tells u how $exy u r and if u r not than i am sorry
Do you really know stampylonghead - This test will tell you if you really know the loved YouTuber stampylonghead
Would you survive black ops 2? - This is a black ops 2 campaign survival test. This will see if you have the skill to survive COD Black ops 2 campaign.. good luck...
how much do u HATE Justin Bieber? - take this now.... u hate JB or are u like the rest u so called "belibers" c'mon don't be shy
Do you need a babysitter? - Do you need a babysitter?
Will You Survive Halloween? - Would you survive halloween if everybody turned into their costume?
How much me are you? - This was made for my close friends irl to see if they were really good friends for me.
DO YOU LIKE ME(for girls) I'm 16 - what do you like in a guy,I Know That Im Not Hot Or Cute But I Will Give You My KiK if you get 85+
what type are you? - young_blood121 ps3 name
would i go out with you(girls only) - would you date me? I'm a teen boy seeing what girls are into

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