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denotes an age-restricted test.

I will make you poop - Can I make you poop? We will find out now.
How Well Do You Know Horses - This test is all about horses! You will see how much you know and don't yet know! Thank you for trying this out! "Horses fly without wings, and conquer without swords." -unknown
Stampy cat knowledge - A quiz to see how good you are
are you cheese - find out if you are cheese or not
are you smart? - Are you smart? take this test and find out.
Would you date me? (Girls 11 - 13) - Just interested...enlighten me!
How Well do you know Graser10? - Make sure you Don't get stuck on Writers Block
Zombie Survival Quiz - When Zombies Attack, will you survive??? (Based on Walking Dead zombies)
Zombie apocalypse - Will you survive
Would you survive the hunger games? - Like the title says will u survive the hg?
Will You Qualify As My Friend? - Will you be a good friend to me? Well take this quiz and find out!
How well do you know Light Yagami? - This is a quiz that will tell you just how well you know Light Yagami from the anime series Death Note. The questions have a long range in difficulty but all of the facts are true!
r u like me - tells if u r like me
Are you a good babysitter? - ARE YOU THE BEST BABYSITTER EVER!? DO THIS TEST TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
?Would You Survive 5 Nights At Freddys? - got nothing to say here

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