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denotes an age-restricted test.

does he really like like you or... ?! - is he playing around or.. well lets see
are you awsome? - are you awesome find out by taking this awesome test
How well do u know roblox? - its roblox ,hope ya dont play minecraft a lot! :3
Could You Be My Twin? - This is a quiz to see if you could be my twin.Enjoy!
Are you my twin? - Are you my twin, or no? Find out if you're my long lost sister/brother! :)
Are you a Pro at Minecraft? - Are you a true Minecraft Pro at Minecraft?Are you up for the quiz?
Does she like you - Is your crush crushing on you?
how well do ya know MB ? are u TM? - do you really know mindless behavior ? are you team mindless ? well lets find out :)
Are you an overprotective parent? - Are you an overprotective parent?
i like lamps - duhhh i come from the planet telephone
Are you a dark witch? - Do you use black magic? Find out
Minecraft Test - This is a test for minecraft! Challenge your skills now
Are You A Genius? - Are You A Genius tests your brain to see if you can tell the difference stupid and smart. ARE YOU KATARDED?!?!
Do You Know Gravity Falls? (Easy) - How well do you know Dipper and Mabel's world?
The Test - Check your stupidity

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