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denotes an age-restricted test.

Would you rather? - A short re creation of Would You Rather.
How well do you know Batman - How well do you know Batman? Take this test to find out.
Zombie Chow, or not? - A highly accurate zombie survival quiz!
What UFC athlete are you - do you know what ufc athletter you are
Ultimate Minecraft Quiz - This quiz will Ted how well you are at minecraft, CAN YOU MINECRAFT?
The youtuber Test - Put the youtuber to the face!
The Ninja Test - If you think your a ninja you should try this test
Does Your Girlfriend want to Kiss You - under 13 only Im that age girl and will know
justin beiber hater quiz - this is a test to see if u truly hate Beiber coz i do!
POPULARMMOS TEST - Best Popularmmos Test Ever!!!
Pokemon legendary Test - This test is very challenging
Zombie survival chances - Will you survive the apocolypse?
sporty - This test will show you how sporty you really are.
Does your crush like you? - Lets see if your crush likes you
Cute test - It is the test to tell you if you are cute or ugly

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