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Animal - Awesome Dog!

A dog is walking past a store when he notices a Help Wanted sign. He pads in, and an employee comes out and stares at the dog. "May I help you?" she asks.
The dog gets the Help Wanted sign and brings it to her."Woof Woof!" "I'm sorry, but you have to be able to type to get that job" the lady says. So the dog hops up on a chair and types a perfect paper of the Constitution. "Wait here" the lady says and runs to talk with her boss.
Then she comes out again and says "My boss says you also have to be able to file to get the job." The dog goes over to the file cabinet and files all the papers. "Woof! Woof!" The lady looks shocked and again she runs back to her boss.
Then she comes back and says "I'm sorry but you also have to be able to speak two languages." The dog stands up on his hind legs, looks at her and says "Meow!"

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