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Sex - Three Nuns

3 nuns died. As they were at the gates of heaven..St.Peter said "Before you enter heaven you must answer these 3 questions."

So St. Peter asked the first nun, "who were the first 2 people in the world?"

She replied, "Adam and Eve."

He said, "that's right you may enter."

St. Peter then asked the Second nun, "what did Mary and name her child?"

She replied, "Jesus."

He said "that's right, you may enter."

He then turned to the last nun and said, "well, seeing as your higher then the other two, I'm going to have to give you a harder question." "So," he said, "what was Eve's first words to Adam"?

She replied, "oh, that's a hard one..."

St. Peter replied, "that's right you may enter."

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