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Offbeat - Labor Pains

A man drove his pregnant wife to the hospital to have their child delivered. As they came in, the doctors explained that they had a new technology which allowed some of the labor pains to be transferred to the father of the child to make things easier on the mother during delivery. Quickly agreeing, they hooked the woman up to the machine and set it for 10%. Soon after, the delivery began. The woman immidiately felt pain, but her husband felt nothing. "Crank it up," he said, for he could take much more than this. So they cranked it up to 25%, but still he could not feel anything. "Are you sure this is working?" he asked the doctors, but his wife was noticing some relief and therefore it had to be working. "Turn it up some more," he insisted, and the kept turning it up, first to 50%, then 75%, then finally 100%. The baby was born and the man didn't feel a thing. They drove home that night, as happy as they'd ever been in their lives. When they arrived home, however, the husband got out of the car only to trip over something on the ground. "Honey!" he yelled, "Why is the postman lying dead in the driveway?"

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