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Offbeat - Lots Of Ducks In Heaven

Three best girlfriends go out one night and while driving home they're all killed in a horrible accident.

When they arrive at the pearly gates they are greeted by St. Peter. He says "you all may enter but there is one rule, DO NOT step on any of the ducks, God loves them immensely!"

The women agree and go in, now seeing there are ducks everywhere! After a short time, one of the women gets careless and steps on a duck. St. Peter shows up with this troll of a man and says as punishment you will be chained to this man forever.

The other two are even more careful, but, alas, the second women accidentally steps on a duck and the same troll-man punishment happens to her.

The last women is very careful and for a long time she doesn't do anything wrong. One day St. Peter shows up with the most gorgeous man she has ever seen and chains the two together.

When the two are alone she turns to him and gleefully says, "I have no idea what I did to deserve you! Do you know?"

The man responds, "all I did was step on a damn duck!"

Rating: 3.71

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