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Lawyer - Bronze Rat

a man walks into a small shop looking for a decoration for his house,
he see's a bronze rat and like's it so he takes it to the register,
the clerk takes one look at what the man is holding and says,
"hello sir, thats a very old statue you have there,
it would cost you 25 dollars just to buy the statue,
but 100 for me to tell you the story behind it."
thinking this was just a scam he said
"I just want the rat, thank you" and walked out of the store.
Suddenly a rat appears and follows him, then another, and another,
soon thousands of rats were following him and he ran as fast as he could away from them. soon he reached the bay and he threw the statue into it.
after this he returned to the store,
when the clerk see's him he says,
"hey, want to pay for the story now?"
the man says
"oh no, i was just wondering if you had any bronze lawyers?"

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