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Office - The President

There was a plane that was malfunctioning. There were five people in the plane: a comedian, a school girl, a president, a clown, a senate, and an old man. The problem was that there were only four parachutes. The president said, "Im the president so I have to live!" So he grapped a parachute and jumped out of the plane. The clown said, "I make people laugh so i have to live," so he grabbed a parachute and jumped of. The senate said that he had important papers to do and grabbed a parachute and jumped off. The comedian said the same thing as the clown and jumped off with a parachute. The school girl and the old man were the only ones left. The man said, "you go little girl ive lived a long life." The school girl replied, "no there are two parachutes,". The old man said," really! how..!?" The little girl then said, "the president took my backpack."

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