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Sex - The Lone Ranger Rides Again

The bad guys have captured the Lone Ranger, have him naked on the ground, and are about to shoot him.

?Do you have any last wishes?? one of them asks.

?Bring my horse, Silver, over here,? the Long Ranger replies.

They grant his wish, and the Lone Ranger whispers for a moment into Silver?s ear. Then Silver disappears over the horizon like lightning, and returns in just a few seconds with a big, beautiful woman in the saddle. She hops off Silver, strips, and in short order she and the Long Ranger enjoy themselves to the utmost, much to the delight of the bad guys.

When they?ve finished, another bad guy says, ?That looked like good fun. Do you have any other last wishes??

?Bring my horse, Silver, over here,? the Long Ranger replies.

Silver approaches, and the Long Ranger whispers into his ear, ?You idiot! I said posse!?

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