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Sex - Do It Yourself

This woman was walking around the house and noticed her computer was still broken so she went in the living room and saw her husband sitting on the couch and asked him if he could fix it. The husband then said, "do I have Gateway written on my forehead? Fix it yourself."

The woman gets a little upset then goes in the kitchen to get a drink and notices the ice cude dispenser is broken. She then proceeds to ask her husband again to fix this. He again replies, "do I have Kenmore written on my forehead? Fix it yourself." She gets angry and stomps upstairs.

The husband then hollers upstairs, "honey, Jim called. I am going to the bar." When the husband comes home he sees his wife on the computer and then walks in and gets some ice out of the dispenser. He says, "wow honey you really fixed it all yourself?"

The wife then says, "no I didn't, when you left I sat out on the porch crying and a nice young man said he would fix it all if I had sex with him or baked him a cake."

The husband smiled and said, "well what kind of cake did you fix him?"

The woman tilts her head smiles and says, "Do I have Sara Lee written on my forehead?"

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