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Offbeat - New Job

The CIA wants a new assassin to work for them. Out of hundreds of candidates, three of them are brought back for the final test.

The first man walks up to the CIA trainer and is given a gun. He is told that he is to go into the next room where his wife will be sitting, tied up to a chair. He is told to kill her or he will not get the job. Straight away the man says "I can't kill my own wife!" So the CIA trainer thanks him for applying and tells him to leave with his wife.

The second man walks in and is told the same thing by the CIA trainer. He walks in the room and shuts the door. After thirty seconds he comes out and says he just can't kill her. The CIA trainer thanks him and tells him to leave with his wife.

The third candidate is a woman. She walks in and is told the same thing as the other two candidates, but this time it is not a wife who is in their it is a husband. She agrees to this and walks in the room. 6 gun shots are heard and then silence for a while. Then screaming followed by a painful sounding noise. She walks out and says to the trainer, "Why didn't you tell me the gun was loaded with blanks? I had to beat him to death with the chair!"

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