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Offbeat - At The Fair

George and Martha loved to go to the fair. Every year, George would walk down the midway and stop at the exhibit for "See the Fair from the Air", where a pilot sold 15-minute plane rides for $10.
Each year, George would attempt to persuade Martha to take the trip. Each year Martha would tell George, "But it costs $10. And after all, $10 is $10."

After years of this, one summer the pilot made an offer.

"Tell you what," he said. "I'll take you up. If you can endure the ride without making a sound--a single sound, mind--the ride is free. Otherwise you pay the $10."

It sounded easy, and George persuaded Martha. Minutes later, they were aloft. The pilot, eager to win the bet, put the plane through every possible motion: barrel-rolls, power dives, loop-de-loops. Amazingly, no sound came from the passengers.

After the 15 minutes were up, he landed and, alighting first, helped George off the plane.

"Sure did expect that last would have gotten a rise out of you, if nothing else did," he said.
George replied, "Well, I almost said something when Martha fell out of the plane, but after all, $10 is $10."

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