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Offbeat - True Story

There was a woman who had purchased a toaster from a WalMart, and the toaster did not work.
She asked them to refund her money, but the clerk said, "You bought this on sale, so you cannot return it,"
Then the lady started to yell, "Pinch my nipples, pinch my nipples, pinch my nipples!!" And a small crowed gathered around. The man quickly went to get the manager. "Miss, i'm sorry," he started, "but we can't refund your money because you bought this on sale."
Then, once again she started to yell, "Pinch my nipples, pinch my nipples, pinch mt nipples!!" And a bigger crowed gathered around
"Please, miss, why do you keep yelling that?!"
"Because," the woman replied,"i like someone to pinch my nipples when i'm getting screwed!!" The crowed started to cheer and her money was quickly refunded!

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