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Sex - Harley Davidson

A man is in a position to buy a Harley Davidson, and after much consideration opts for a very nice model. The salesman is very pleased and offers the man a few words of advice. He tells him to always carry a jar of Vaseline in his pocket and if he knows it is going to rain to smear the Vaseline all over the bodywork of the bike in order to prevent rust. The man drives his Harley off and is most pleased.
A few weeks later the man and his girlfriend drive the Harley to her parents house where the man is to meet them for the first time.
The girlfriend tells the man that they have a rule in her house that the first person who speaks after dinner has to wash the dishes.
They have a lovely meal and afterwards there is nothing but silence form all around the table. This silence goes on for about an hour and the man decides that he has to do something to make someone break the silence, so he grabs his girlfriend and kisses her passionately, still no one says a word. He then decides that he?s going to have sex with her right there on the dining room table. Again no one says a word. Getting very frustrated at the continued silence he decides to have sex with the mother on the table, nobody says anything. At this point the man can hear that it is starting to rain so he pulls the jar of Vaseline out of his pocket to which the father shouts ?OK, OK I?ll do the damn dishes!?

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