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Animal - The Hole

So there were these three guys out on a walk through the woods, and they came across a hole. They all looked down the hole, and couldn't see anything at the bottom. They kicked a few stones down it, but they didn't hear anything hit bottom; they even haul a small tree over, and still don't hear a thing. "Well." said the men. "There has to be SOMETHING that will hit bottom."
So they range far and wide, and eventualy, two of the three come back with a gigantic hulking railroad tie. Still, even this would not make a sound. So finaly, the men concluded that the hole had no bottom. As they were leaving, a sheep comes barreling out of the woods, running at full speed, and dives into the hole. Just out of curiosity, they go back to listen for the <> of the sheep. Well they were looking, a farmer came puffing out of the forrest. He goes "Hey, you guys, you seen my sheep?" The guys go, "Yeah, it just jumped off this hole right here. We think it's bottomless, and there's no way your getting your sheep back.
The farmer looks and says "No, no, no. this cannot be. My sheep was tied to a railroad tie.?

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