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Animal - Three Wishes

A bear and a rabbit meet in the woods. A genie pops up in between them, and to be fair, decides to grant them each three wishes.

The bear says, "I wish all the bears in this forest were females." And the genie grants the wish.

The rabbits first wish is for the fastest motorcycle in the world with an endless tank of gas. The motorcycle appears in front of him.

The bear thinks, "what a stupid wish," but excited for his own, wishes that all the bears in the next forsest over are females. The genie grants his wish.

The rabbit wishes for a helmet and gets it.

The bear says, "I wish all the other bears in the world are females!" And the genie grants his final wish.

The genie turns to the rabbit for his last wish. The rabbit puts on his helmet and starts up his bike. As he rides away he shouts "I wish the bear to be gay!"

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