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Joke Title Rating
3 People With Cannibals 4.11
Gassy Broad 4.09
Ways To Annoy Bathroom-mates 4.08
Get Out Duke! 3.96
Urinal 3.93
Cannibals And 3 Men Part 2 & 3 3.69
Daddy's Gonna Eat Your Fingers! 3.68
Button #3 3.59
Daddy Has Two 3.44
Airplane 3.40
Pedophile 3.33
3 Naughty Nuns 3.33
Juicy Squirt 3.28
Today's Special 3.24
Old People 3.21
The Blind Guy 3.18
The Doctor And Patient 3.06
Chilli...twice 2.97
Lottery 2.86
Passing Gas 2.78
Constipated 2.76
Paedophile 2.72
Three Little Pigs... 2.58
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