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Joke Title Rating
Hell Explained By A Chemistry Student 4.40
Engineer In Hell 4.22
Tech Support 4.19
Hot Air Balloon 4.11
Talking Frog 4.05
Bumper Stickers 4.04
If Dr. Seuss Was An Engineer... 4.03
Engineer Logic 3.99
You Might Be An Engineer If: 3.83
Hell - The Demo 3.69
Top 10 Ways To Get Thrown Out Of Chemistry 3.68
Three Men: A Project Manager, A ... 3.67
Hide And Seek 3.57
A Hydrogen Atom 3.47
Twelve Things A Klingon Programmer Would Say 3.43
Remember These While Commenting Code... 3.34
Accountants 3.28
Heisenberg 3.25
Old Programmers Never Die 3.18
Having A Mistress 3.14
Tech Support Lines You Hope To Never Hear 3.13
Half Distances 3.12
Questions On The Redneck Engineers License Exam... 2.92
1981 Bill Gates Quote 2.85
Hey You 2.75
People Watching 2.72
Heisenberg 2.68
Cat With Nine Tails 2.51
Uncertainty 2.50
Social Engineers? 2.48
What Do You Get When... 2.33
The Quantum Mechanic 2.27
Cross An Elephant And A Mountain Climber 2.15
Compression 1.63
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