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Joke Title Rating
Maths 110% 4.26
Police Officer 4.22
George Bush 4.21
Be Nice To Nerds 4.18
Brick Layer Accident Report 4.17
Performance Evaluations 4.16
Never Say To A Cop 4.15
Brazilian Soldiers 4.13
Presidents 4.11
The Rectum Stretcher 4.11
Stuff That Annoys Me 4.04
Politics 4.04
Bush In A Kindergarten Class 4.03
The President 3.89
Bush\'s Tragedy 3.84
Speaking German In Texas 3.78
Ceiling Fan 3.76
World War Iii 3.76
400 Bricks 3.58
The Vacuum Cleaner Ceo 3.55
Council Workers 3.38
The President's Puzzle 3.35
The Clock Shop 3.34
Little Brucie 3.22
Post Turtle 2.99
Blair And The Pig 2.93
I Can Hear Fine !! 2.84
Bush's Winning Campaign Slogans 2.54
Nun 2.03
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