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The reason you came; definitively answers the question, "Am I a Nerd???"

The second version of the original nerd test. Provides more details than ver 1.0!

When will you die?

Are you cool? Are you a loser? Wanna' know?

Given a matrix of nine letters, you have 2 minutes to form as many words as possible. Requires JavaScript to run.

You may have been called it, or you may have to prove you're not. Are you Stupid?

What do you really know about space? Are you the Master of the Universe, or a space cadet?

NerdTests.com's Personality Test

This test is a Jung Typology-like personality inventory, with a splash of humor.
Are you a crack pot, an egghead, an evil overlord, or someone more devious? Find out today!

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Star Trek Quiz - How well do you know your Star Trek. Get your Starfleet Rank and Graphic upon completion.

W.Q. - What is your Weird Quotient?

Spoiled Brat - Are you spoiled? We'll let you know.

ChemTest - Remember your high school chemistry?

Money Love - How much do you love money?

Quiz Suggestion - Have a suggestion or correction for a quiz? Tell us about it using the suggestion form.

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